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Online quotation

The specific organization of the sales and production of EMSPROTO, allows to offer to its customers the realization of their prototypes within a period of 2 days against 15 to 20 days proposed by the traditional competitors. Faster thanks to the web, more qualitative thanks to the automation for very small series.
In terms of production, thanks to our R & D conducted from 3 years, this allows to set up all the steps (automatic and manual) needed for the production of very small series in less than 35 minutes, against several hours for the only set up a traditional CMS line. Many adaptation (hard and soft) were made on the machines normally present on a CMS and THC line.
All these adaptations and the addition of machines of our own design made it possible to intensify the self-checking steps and thus to increase the overall quality of the industrial process. The process is fully monitored, so any drift is quickly corrected.
On the basis of prediction principles, the maintenance operations are programmed and do not cause the chain to stop.
In addition, the quotation steps through our software developed in-house, partly available via a web interface, allows us to offer quotation in less than 15 minutes.

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