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Virtual & Augmented Reality in industrie 4.0: an overview and use cases

Virtual and Augmented Reality in industrie 4.0: an overview, uses cases & links to businesses


GEOFFREY HAMON, Research project coordinator DAE

DAE-Research is the applied research group of Digital Arts and Entertainment at howest.be. To a large extent, the research projects are oriented towards knowledge transfer and valorization of game technology in sectors other than pure entertainment. Currently DAE-Research guides organizations into defining the added value of Virtual & Augmented Reality technology in their domain. For this, two projects were set up: Sector innovating Virtual and Augmented reality (VLAIO TETRA) and machines & mechatronics center West-Flanders (VLAIO - EFRO). One part of the projects focusses on developing proof-of-concept applications for Flemish industrial settings (e.g. remote support, VR training, etc.). Another part focusses on the use of VR a AR in other sectors such as healthcare, architecture, product visualization and education. We will briefly introduce our work and link that to cases of partners in the field.


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