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PROTOTYPING is above all a networking event designed to inspire you to realise the importance of good, integrated product development and innovation. To this end, a programme has been elaborated in collaboration with exhibitors, guest speakers and research centres:

> Seminars & real life case studies
no less than 25 inspiring stories with the focus on the whole design process from A to Z and 10 short sales pitches. A mix of subjects on the themes of product design, additive manufacturing, circular economy, electronics, innovation and  IP and VR/AR

> A mobile Matchmaking app
to help the visitors to find and meet specific people willing to share their expertise

> Interactive workshops
by McNeel Europe, Imec & Howest IDC

> AR & VR demonstrations
with the focus on product visualisation, testing products and user experience in the design phase of a product

> Inspiring expositions
the international concept MyMachine and the expo ‘Diversity in Design’ by Howest IDC.

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  • Organising Partner: Kortrijk Xpo
  • howest
  • Fabrieken van de Toekomst
  • POM
  • agoria
  • imec
  • media partners
  • 3D print magazine
  • Made in Europe
  • cad magazine
  • vraag en aanbod
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  • Kunstof & Rubber
  • Constructeur
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