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Workshop: introduction to Rhino 6 & Grasshopper by McNeel Europe

No need to register, just join at the given times! (workshops also on Thursday 8 November, 13:30-16:30)

Within this workshop we invite you to join UGent’s Industrial Design students for introducing Rhino & Grasshopper. Learn to use the software, understand how it works and apply Rhino’s and Grasshopper’s tools to your work.

Whatever industrial design branch you’re specialized in, it’s a good way to start to understand the best practice approaches to modelling in Rhino and use parametric procedures in Grasshopper.

Grasshopper is a graphical algorithm editor and requires no knowledge of programming or scripting, but still allows designers to build form generators from the simple to the awe-inspiring. 


Target Audience
New Rhino and Grasshopper users, industrial designers with some previous knowledge of other 3D modeling tools.


Expected outcomes

After this workshop you should be able to:

- Utilize the new features of the Rhino user interface

- Understand the basic concepts

- Define a modelling strategy

- Understand the key features of parametric design

- Describe a design problem parametrically

- Create flexible models for industrial design

- Use the basic components (Grasshopper)



Requires Window skills and other 3D modeling softwares knowledge as desire. Laptop with Rhino 6 already installed ( ).

3 hours divided in 3 modules that combine theory and practice.


Module 1


Introduction, programme and outcomes.

Rhinoceros 6

McNeel, Rhinoceros 6, licenses, Development Tools, ecosystem.


Module 2

Basic Concepts

Computer Science basics, programing, algorithms.


Introduction, Grasshopper and interface.


Module 3


Creating a parametric system to 3D print


Contact McNeel Europe

Carla Sologuren -



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