sharing community regarding best practices in product development

 PROTOTYPING is above all a networking event designed to inspire you to realise the importance of good, integrated product development and innovation. To this end, a number of conferences and real-life cases will be presented in collaboration with exhibitors, guest speakers and research centres. You will hear inspiring stories covering the whole design process from A to Z.

A preview of the themes:

  • Product development of the future: how to help product development meet future challenges in the manufacturing industry
  • Electronics, with a programme developed by Imec on the subject of ‘New Product Introduction (NPI) for industry’.
  • Product design with AR / VR: where do we stand today and what will the future bring? For example, Howest’s Digital Arts & Entertainment with its unique gaming course. Howest supports this with applications in machine construction and other industrial applications
  • Circular’ or sustainable design is the future: and the choice of materials in the design phase is crucial. How to work towards designing products that can be used and reused indefinitely and above all, the materials of which they are made
  • Additive manufacturing: what are the latest applications.
  • CAD/ CAM: more and more specific functionalities are integrated into the familiar CAD CAM systems.
  • IP (intellectual property): ideas are valuable and worth protecting…...

Soon more information...

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