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"The Prototyping trade fair is a meeting place for people who see innovation as a high priority. Year after year, the organizers have succeeded in bringing together trendsetting projects, suppliers and an interested public here in Kortrijk. As a partner in the digital transformation of industry, Siemens can offer ways and means of innovating. And each time round, this mix ensures that the event is a great success."


It was interesting to see what the different pioneers in the world of product development are currently doing. Prototyping 2015 covered all the phases from concept to visualisation and prototyping. At Materialise believe that the collaboration between the designers, end-users and producers is the most important factor for obtaining a better product. These cooperative ventures also present challenges that we at Materialse see as an added value when looking at extending the possibilities of 3D printing.”



“PROTOTYPING 2015 was a great success as far as we are concerned.  A great number of exciting lectures, the presence of a lot of interesting suppliers and potential projects. A good cocktail for a design agency looking for inspiration. It allowed us to gain a more in-depth experience in a very important branch of product development.”



We find it very important that the new trade fair Prototyping covers the entire trajectory, from idea to finished product, with the necessary focus on the materials used.


The objective of Roland during the Prototyping 2015 was simple: to show visitors that there are other digital methods for prototyping than just 3D printing. Given the great number of positive reactions that we received at the stand and the contacts established after the fair, we can safely say that we achieved our goal.


Creatives and product designers are always looking for new materials to develop their ideas.  At the same time, they have to keep in mind the ecological footprint. That’s why honeycomb paperboards seems to be a promising material. 

BART GRIMONPREZ, Howest | Industrial Design Center -Kortrijk

After the increasingly successful editions of Prototyping organised by Howest | Industrial Design Centre, we joined forces again with Kortrijk Xpo in 2015. The Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Product Design of Howest and the Master’s Degree in Industrial Design of the University of Ghent Kortrijk Campus are both offered by the Kortrijk Industrial Design Centre.

The materialisation of product concepts, 3D CAD, additive manufacturing, manual techniques, hand-drawn sketches, creativity techniques, etc. now forms an integral part of the portmanteau in both our educational activities as well as research and services.


Howest and Kortrijk Xpo form an outstanding duo of design and trade fair content. At Howest we believe that Prototyping 2015 was a great success with a unique character, a motivating force that encourages us to set the bar even higher in 2016.

Thanks to our human capital, namely our students, the Factory on the floor of the trade fair earned itself the description of a creative hive of activity where different workshops were held throughout the duration of the fair. This was an extremely useful experience for visitors as well as students.


Prototyping, in the broadest sense of the word, acts as a tool within our method and is literally a central element in the building in the form of an extended workshop that covers a whole floor and that is visible from every corner of the building.

Rendering ideas tangible for production processes is becoming increasingly important within the industry. Prototyping is a unique event as it brings together in one single location a wide range of technologies, materials, tools and techniques and showcases them together with the ever-present leitmotif of product development processes in all their phases and all their facets.


Howest plays a pioneering role by contributing to the original and unusual concept of the Prototyping trade fair at Kortrijk Xpo. 

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